Saturday, June 19
the unforgotten birthday


Another year has passed and it's Jade's birthday again.

Birthday celebrations for this year has changed due to everyone's tight schedule of classes and assignments.

Poor Birthday Girl had to stay in to study for her finals.


surprised her at 12am in front of her house and also the next day, with our very own cake that we had it customized at Bisou, Bangsar.

As we all know Jade adoressssssssss cute stuff....


that's the silly birthday girl.

Birthdays doesn't have to have balloons, parties, slumber-parties, cocktails, all it matters are the close friends make an effort to remember the 'one'.

Though I think that birthdays and presents are not important as long as you have good companies for the special day.

Friday, June 11


Deleting the old posts and starting a new post seems like a fresh start.
well for me.

I may not know what the future holds for me, but all I know I'm ready to face reality.
It's a challenge, it might be tough.

Have no interest in writing a post nor blogging bout random stuffs.
Guess I prefer my life more to the private zone.

It's JUNE bebeh!

2 months to be exact, Dopey will be back to meet her "whacky friends" as she quoted us.


though she's far away, she still scares the shit outta me , as usual.

just look at her donkey face UP THERE!

Name's Airin. I like everything to be colourful especially bright colours. I'm fickle minded, always. I'm a retard too.

I'mma Hayley William lover. I wanna rock like her! :D

    Aaron the annoying
    Amanda the panda
    Amelia the japanese
    Azam the foood lover
    Ben Ang the aka baji
    Ben Lam the college mate
    Ben Lim the editor
    Carmen the sweety girl
    Christina the xtina
    Dopey the drug dealer
    Eugene the rock-star
    Guan Yi the blackdevil team
    Jackie the Chua
    Jade the high on sugar
    Jessica the skinny lady!
    Jonathan the hip-hoper
    Kaye the adorable
    Kwok Hoe the specky
    Lee Yen the curly long hair
    Leon the monkey!
    Max Lee the ever bestie
    Michelle Gan the fair lady
    Nick the man
    Rachel the happening chiq
    Sebastian the ex-classmate
    Shi Man the story teller
    Shu Qing the pretty
    Soya the double twin
    Steph the fashion icon
    Sui Ying the geisha
    Tek Yit the hot bod
    Xueli the undeniable hotty

    Polaryde the information speaker
    Dawn Yang the unoriginal beauty
    Hannah Tan the curvy bod
    Kenny Sia the traveler
    Michelle Phan the make-up guru
    Xia Xue the Obama hater